Organized in 1988, ARIPPA is a non-profit trade association with offices based in Pennsylvania. Its membership is comprised of:
     •  Electric generating plants producing alternative energy and/or steam (“Co-Generation” plants produce and sell both alternative energy electricity and steam), and
     •  Businesses associated with the industry.

Most ARIPPA member plants are currently located in or near the Anthracite or Bituminous coal regions of the United States. Collectively member plants generate alternative energy electricity using environmentally-friendly Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler technology to convert coal mining refuse and/or other alternative fuels such as biomass into alternative energy and steam.

Accordingly ARIPPA is organized to:
     •    advance the alternative energy electric power production industry,
     •    encourage education about alternative energy electric power production
          and related industries,
     •    promote the environmentally responsible production of electric power,
     •    promote the utilization of electricity produced by alternative energy
          electric power producers,
     •    endorse the continuity and growth of the alternative energy power
          production industry,
     •    assist in meeting this country's energy, industrial, economic, and
          environmental needs.

What is ARIPPA?


Officers are elected from the Sustaining Membership Board of Directors and serve the membership on a voluntary basis.

Gary Anderson, Plant Manager
Ebensburg Power Company

John Malloy, Plant Manager
Colver Power Project                  

Randy Lindenmuth, Principal & Managing Director
Lehigh Engineering


Professional staff is retained to serve the needs of: The Industry, Officers, Board, and Members of ARIPPA.

George Ellis
Executive Director


Cristy Doyle
Office Manager


Kimberly Kankowski